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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Farnborough GU14

If you have a carpet in your home then you know how easily they get dirty. It seems as though they are a magnet for dirty patches, dust, and all sorts of other impurities. Well, that’s because they really are magnets for those things. But don’t worry too much about it because we have a team of experts that specialize in deep cleaning carpets and rugs! We will send them your way and they will leave your carpet spotless in no time!
Our company has been in the cleaning fields for over a decade and we always test new methods and equipment so we can implement the latest cleaning techniques, however, there is one that we refuse to change – the method that we use for cleaning carpets and rugs. It’s still the most effective way to clean them – and it’s free of any risks of damage. It’s called hot water extraction. We basically inject the fabric with steam and then we extract it alongside all the absorbed impurities – even bacteria! This will ensure a truly spotless carpet or rug in less than a few hours!
We also can remove every type of stain from every type of fabric. We’ll suggest the appropriate stain removal technique depending on the material and the severity of the stains. No one can beat our prices and our customer care – see what our many loyal customers have to say on our reviews page.

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If you want to learn more about this service or you simply want to book us then get in touch with us on 07418 354 162. Our knowledgeable customer service agents will walk you through the service, answer any question you may have as well as calculate an exact price for your service!